Edith Hunkeler-Wolf, former top-ranking athlete

Stefan Gubser, actor / producer

(Photo: Künzli, Photographer: Pascale Aeschbacher)


Stefan: Falsehood disturbs me, and it also worries me when I see injustice and unlawful behaviour.

Edith: Or when the egotism of men or countries makes up decisions.

Precisely, when greed reigns - instead of reason.

...and instead of respect. Respect moves me. So it may actually happen that I interfere.I wish the respect of people, children, and women to be the basis of our living together.

Political rights concern me - I would not only want to participate myself, I would also wish this to happen in other countries - I want us to co-determine how to respect life and nature.

Moral courage is important. It is wonderful to see when you're able to give a little courage, to move people. And - with a wink - when it is stilish. Yes, we're so lucky, everybody can participate - and should contribute his or her share.