Exploitation, oppression and violence have too many girls become silent in this world. The movement "Swiss women for girls worldwide" of Plan International Schweiz gives them a voice agian.


Alessandra Degiacomi

(Communication / Campaigning):

We participate because... we want to enable girls and young women to ask for their exploitation and exclusion. And all this takes place although the girls are vital for a strong community, a healthy next generation, and the positive development of a country.






My appeal:

HandsOFFmy... Girls'Rights, for a world where equality is a fact.




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myclimate is your partner for efficient climate protection - local and global. By means of counselling, education and projects of climate protection we want to form the future of the world together with you.


Kai Landwehr

(Leader Marketing / media spokesman):

We participate because... we want to contribute to climate protection as much as we can, globally and locally. The support of concrete projects of climate protection is as important as awareness raising activities and a hint at possible actions and a responsible co2 footprint - whether you are an enterprise or a private person in Switzerland.


My appeal:

HandsOFFmy… climate… for a worthwhile future for everybody, people and nature.



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