Barbara Artmann, owner / general secretary

(Photo: Künzli, Photographer: Pascale Aeschbacher)



What's happening, the club of the backward-looking reigns on both sides of the ocean, get away with the climate agreement, women, step back into the second row, lie is truth and vice-versa. Mmm, I want to do something about it; I want to express my concern, my fear, and my anger. Well, my ray of hope Künzli produces beautiful and useful shoes - we might be able to express ourselves by means of a shoe ...??



Künzli discusses this topic with the management team:


«Cool, let's do it, it suits us, it's a good thing that we adopt a clear position».


Our conclusion: We Künzlis want to move, "with heart and soul" is our credo, for the local site of Switzerland, for respect, for Künzli and for our values. Responsibility with respect to economy as well as to society are inseparable to us.


The appeals of the Künzlis:

Hands OFF my  ... !


■  ...the rights of self-determination about circumcision… I think it depressing that women are still forced to have circumcisions. And all this often happens without the necessary hygienic measures.

■  ...the rights of animals That moon bears are no longer used as donors of bile because there are better alternatives.

■  ...acid attacks - this cowardly revenge of offended men on women should be stopped!

■  …tattoos that have no relation at all with my social and professional competences

■ waste... for a conscious shopping of foods

...water waste - I take short showers with respect to nature

plastic waste... so that the planet does not faint because of all that plastic material

clear air... I plan my drives

...the pleasure of living friendly together: rather unrestrained dancing than ruthless beating

howler monkeys - they belong to the woods, not to politics

...plastic bags because not everything has to be wrapped up

...buggies - for more part-time jobs after pregnancy

...chemical weapons, dirty energy - for the suppression of terror, against the tyranny against children

...the respect for clean energy all life long, equality, single parents, children, parents

…imported cheap meat - for regional products with animal-friendly husbandry

...plastic cups... I prefer swimming next to healthy fish

...the enjoyment of life - no limitation by anxiety and violence!